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I will like to know what is the best online, upload video, e commerce all in one community software ?

I will like to know what is the best online, video upload, e commerce, social networking and membership website all in one complete software ?

What is the best online resource to find brilliant Web 2.0 architects, developers and or agencies?

Social networking, web 2.0, ajax, ruby on rails, php

What are the biggest downsides or disadvantages of web 2.0?

What are the hardest parts of dealing in a web 2.0 environment? What are the struggles of blogging, social networking ect? How can those be resolved?

Explaining Web 2.0 to a group that are the farthest from computer savy?

If you had to explain the concept of Web 2.0 to a group of people who generally only use the computer for email and simple research, who have never heard of social networking, popular websites, etc, how would you do it? I need to give a brief explanation explaining the concept. If anyone can give me a good start, I’ll give a "best answer" tonight!

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